Rheo Knee XC

Rheo Knee XC

by Ossur

Taking microprocessor controlled knees to the next level, RHEO KNEE XC enables users to go anywhere -- from rehab, to the home and office, to the gym and trail. It has the same weatherproof properties and intuitive stability features as RHEO KNEE 3, with the addition of enhanced functionality.


  • Weatherproof design allows exposure to splashing of water.

  • Magnetorheologic technology enables an instant response so that users never have to wait for the knee to catch up with them.

  • Smart gait detection, including kinematic sensor technology, ensures stability and dynamic response in every situation.

  • Advanced actuator and resistance control ensure best possible resistance, e.g. more support in stair descent and minimum effort needed in level ground gait.

  • Advanced extension assist mechanism.

  • Effortless swing initiation enables a smoother gait, even in crowds and confined spaces.

  • Enables high impact activities such as running and jogging.

  • Extension lock mechanism, to lock the knee in full extension and increase safety and comfort under specific circumstances.

  • Efficient cycling and secure stops with Automatic Cycling Recognition.

  • Step-over-step stair ascent.

  • ÖSSUR LOGIC app offers two levels of experience one for the user and another for the practitioner.

Product Details:

Product Weight
57 oz
Weight Limit
300 lbs
Activity Level
K3, K4
Proximal Mounting (Top)
Distal Mounting (Bottom)
Microprocessor -Swing Only

Additional information:

Trial Period
36 months
L Code
5828, 5845, 5848, 5850, 5856, 5925, 5930, 5999
Stance Phase
Swing Phase

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